Lanceheart (Project <3 Version 1.1)

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A game of giant robots and breaking hearts by Kyle Weems

You are humanity's last stand.

Over a century ago, the Raakshasa came. Gigantic space-born monstrosities with an endless hunger, they swept out of the stars, consuming every living thing on entire worlds.

The space navies of humankind were useless. Bit by bit, the light of civilization was snuffed out until only the small, cold world of Eris, far from the now-dead Earth, was all that was left.

Still hungering, still hunting, the Raakshasa still come. Approaching the last refuge. The final survivors.

Humanity's final weapon are you, the Ritter pilots.

Brave heroes controlling giant robotic weapon platforms known as Ritters, you must plunge into battle against the Raakshasa. The fight is desperate, and the chances of survival are low. Fatality rates among pilots are high.

But the love and rivalry shared between you and your fellow pilots may yet help bring victory, and with it, another sunrise for the human race.

Suit up.

Lanceheart is a small roleplaying game developed in less than three hours as part of Project <3 (, a challenge for game developers to make interesting, strange, small RPGs as they improve their creativity and fight off the writer's block and doubt that comes from larger projects that seem to never end.

Lanceheart is a tabletop RPG meant for 2 or more players and a game master. It features desperate space battles with players controlling Ritters with customized loadouts, and player character casualty rates are high.

It runs around 30 pages in length and costs $0. However, if you feel like making a donation when you make your purchase, that would be welcome.

You can keep up to date with other games I'm developing, or even consider supporting me as a backer, at my Patreon page at 

I want this!

Lanceheart (Project <3 Version 1.1)

0 ratings
I want this!