Deadpuncher (Early Access Edition)

Kyle Weems
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A game about the punching dead (and punching the dead) by Kyle Weems

Deadpuncher is a combat-focused tabletop RPG currently in an early access playtesting phase.

Liminal Shadows

The world of Deadpuncher is much like ours, with the crucial difference that hidden among humanity are the living dead: vampire aristocrats, zombie hordes, and more. The shadowy societies they are part of and the truth of their existence are collectively known as the Liminal Shadows.

The protagonists play either the dead or those among the living who know the truth, from one of ten different archetypes including the Shadowed, the Sacred, Dullahan, and Zombies. Capable fighters that happen to also be billionaires or necromancers, these protagonists either fight to keep the dead hordes in check, to further their own agendas, or to keep even darker creatures at bay.

For the dead are only at the threshold of the world's problems. Hell, a vast hostile realm of hundreds of layers that exist somewhere beyond and below the Earth, is looking to add our world to its collection of swallowed realms. Demon princes and armies seek to slip out through the cracks and break down society and the world itself to accomplish their goals.

High Energy Combat

The combat engine that is the major focus and largest feature of Deadpuncher is determinative, not random, with a focus on speed, tactics, and risk. Players play maneuvers against one another from 17 different fighting styles from Boxing to Tiger Style Kung Fu to Ghost Flame Style, attempting to beat their foe's action with their own to apply consequences such as status effects, injuries, and increase pools of risk that can be turned into even more dangerous injuries and death by special finisher moves. Combatants must balance their growing levels of risk with accumulated injuries, attempting to predict their opponent's next move while planning their own.

Early Access

Deadpuncher is currently in early access. It can be downloaded as a 6"x9" 125-page PDF or in EPUB format.

This early access edition exists for playtesting purposes. If you download it and play it, please consider filling out the feedback forms linked to in the book.

Purchasing this version of the game will entitle you to a free digital copy of all later versions of the game as its remaining content, revisions, editing, and artwork are integrated and completed.

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Deadpuncher (Early Access Edition)

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