Knaveguard (Project <3 Version 1.1)

Kyle Weems
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Knaveguard is a A tabletop RPG of chivalry and betrayal by Kyle Weems. A fiery revolution has just begun, lead by the mysterious figure known as the Jester. As knaves, knights in the military order known as the Knaveguard, the player characters are sworn to protect the monarch and royal family.

In the hours and days ahead, can they keep their charges safe from the flames that consume the land? Can they help restore order and the crown's rightful authority? Or do the seeds of revolution already live in their own hearts, nurtured by greed, lust, or the quest for power?

Only you can answer these questions.


The Knaveguard is a chivalrous order that serves in the heart of the kingdom's capital. In addition to their oaths of loyalty to the royal family, as the most prestigious knights of the land the knaves of the guard are expected to to be exemplars courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.

Surrounded by thousands of courtiers, palace intrigue, romantic advances from nobles or members of the the royal family, the vast wealth that greases the wheels of diplomacy, and scheming ambassadors representing rival nations, how is any one warrior supposed to remain virtuous?

The struggle to adhere to an oath, and an ideal, in the face of complicated reality, is a defining one for the player characters. As the revolution gains force, their fortunes will wane as they are tested again and again. Why fight against the inevitable? Why die for a crown that represents the old order?


The opening act of the revolution has occurred just prior to the start of the game session. The Knave Commander, the leader of the Knaveguard and most respected warrior of the land, has been assassinated. Almost immediately, the chaos of their death is followed by one blow after another as the revolution's secret leaders seek to seize victory as quickly as possible.

Leaderless, the order's response to protect the royal family and quell the revolution is fractured and inconsistent. None know who the Jester or the other leaders of the revolution truly are, but accusations of traitors among the Knaveguard's ranks, as well as the nobility, and the royal family itself, starts almost immediately. The Knave Commander's death almost certainly points to at least one traitor in the ranks, if not a whole conspiracy among them.

The player characters may find themselves under suspicion. They will have trouble determining who to trust, and who will betray them. Some of them may in fact have had a hand in the revolution, for complicated personal reasons ranging from ambitions of their family line to an affair with the royal consort.

With such shadows hanging over them, who can the player characters trust?

Sorcery, swordplay, intrigue and betrayal await.


Knaveguard is a small roleplaying game that was originally developed in less than three hours as the inaugural title of Project <3, a challenge for game developers to make interesting, strange, small RPGs as they improve their creativity and fight off the writer's block and doubt that comes from larger projects that seem to never end.

It is has since undergone refinement and editing, and now stands at 40 pages in length and costs you $0. However, if you feel like donating when you make your purchase, that would be appreciated.

If you like Knaveguard, or are curious about seeing other titles coming in the future from me, you can find me on Patreon at

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Knaveguard (Project <3 Version 1.1)

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